Kong Channel

Abilities Using Animals' Abilities
Users Ken Joshima
Manga Debut Chapter 67
Anime Debut Episode 21

Channels are special weapons used by Ken. He has sets of animal teeth cartridges that he puts over his own, which modifies his physiology to reflect that of the animal. When using a channel, Ken not only gains abilities of animals but also changes his appearance a bit to resemble that animal. That includes hair, claws, fangs or even horns. When Ken enters a channel, a small head of the respective animal appears on his left cheek, with the name of the animal at its teeth.


  • Monkey Channel (モンキーチャンネル)- Agility, claws, fangs.
  • Kong Channel(コングチャンネル) - Fangs, strength.
  • Wolf Channel(ウルフチャンネル) - Agility, claws, enhanced speed, fangs, a keen sense of smell.
  • Cheetah Channel (チーターチャンネル)- Fangs, greatly enhanced speed.
  • Opossum Channel (manga-only)(オポッサムチャンネル) - Ability to play dead.
  • Rhino Channel (ライノチャンネル)- Horns, strength.
  • Lion Channel (ライオンチャンネル)- Claws, enhanced speed, fangs.


  • In the Drama CD, he had the Boar channel to tracked Chrome's scent when he and Chikusa were looking for her and ended up at Tsuna's house that Lambo mistook as a pig. And in the second Hidden Bullet novel, he also has Kangaroo channel.

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