Carnage Box Release

Chapter 260 Cover

Shura Kaikō
Arc Future Final Battle Arc
Chapter 260
Volume Final Battle Arrives!
Chapter Guide
Uncle Kawahira

Carnage Box Release is the 260th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


Kawahira lets Tsuna's group know that Zakuro has left and Tsuna asks how he knew about the funeral wreaths but Kawahira changes the subject. He talks about seeing Hibari running towards the school and wonders if he'll be fine.

Meanwhile at Namimori Middle School, Daisy has opened the box of carnage. When the smoke clears, Daisy stands with flame wings and scales on his body. Daisy goes on to explain that his body has become a box weapon. Tsuna contacts Dino through the headset and they both update each other on their situations. Daisy hears this and demands to know where Yuni is. He charges at Dino to which Dino uses an upgrade box to transform his Sky Horse into a pegasus called Pegasso Supel Salto Volante.

The horse charges at Daisy and cuts off his arm to which Daisy smirks. The arm instead of burning immediately due to the box weapon's ability instead starts to strangle the horse as Daisy regrows the arm. He continues to charge at Dino to which Dino coats his whip in sky flames and attacks with his Salto Volante Veloche Come Luche. However, Daisy is able to dodge with precise accuracy thanks to Byakuran's data from the Dino in a parallel world. Daisy punches a hole through Dino's chest and threatens to crush his organs if he doesn't reveal Yuni's location. Suddenly, Hibari knocks Daisy into a wall of the school and kicks Dino away for "going wild in the middle of Namimori Middle." Hibari then activates his Box Weapon Roll's Cambio Forma, turning it into Alaude's Handcuffs.


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