Kanji Name キャリヴェル
Romaji Name Kyariberu
Title Bertesca Storm Temple Guardian
Gender Male
Age Mid 40s
Status Alive
Famiglia Bertesca Famiglia
Flame Rain

Character OutlineEdit

Carivel is a game-exclusive Bertesca Famiglia mafioso first appearing in the third installment of Fate of Heat DS game Katekyo Hitman Reborn! DS Fate of Heat III - Yuki no Shugosha Raishuu!


Carivel has a magician and pirate-like appearance, with a large top hat and an eyepatch covering his right eye. His pupils are beady and his brown mustache runs off left and right in a curly manner. He has curly brown hair and wears a white suit with an orange handkerchief in its breast pocket, and wears a brown shirt with an orange tie along with it.

Plot OverviewEdit

Chapter 2Edit

During Gokudera and Yamamoto's storyline, both were on their way to the Storm Temple where the Storm Crystal was placed, which was located inside a cave. Once they entered the temple and Gokudera destroyed the Storm Crystal that sealed Parvento, Carivel appeared, claiming that he wouldn't let them escape alive after destroying the crystal. He fought them, but was defeated.


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