Gender Male
Status Alive
Famiglia Millefiore Famiglia
Team White Spell
  • Poison Needles
  • Hair
Box Animal Testa di Polpo
Flame Sun
Anime Debut Episode 111

Character OutlineEdit

Cappuccino True Appearence

Cappuccino's true appearance

Cappuccino is from the Millefiore's White Spell's Eighth Squad. He is quite old and according to him, has a lot of combat experience. He uses Sun Flames and his Box Animal is the Testa di Polpo, which is able to regenerate using his Sun Flames.

He first appeared when Shoichi Irie wanted to test Gokudera's power. Obviously, Shoichi knew he was no match for Gokudera; however, he wanted to test Gokudera and see his level. Ironically, his box weapon was called Octopus Head, just like Gokudera's nickname. Ryohei jokingly stated that this fight was going to be "Octopus Head vs Octopus Head".

Plot OverviewEdit

Future ArcEdit

Merone Base InvasionEdit

After the group split up, Gokudera and Ryohei met Cappuccino, who had orders from Shoichi to fight with them. He had already released his Box Animal, Testa di Polpo. Ryohei agreed with Gokudera to stay out of the fight and trust him. At first, Gokudera and Uri had difficulties facing Cappuccino, mostly because he had a variety of weapons with him. He could defend using his expanding hair and attack from range using poison needles. Moreover, his box animal had captured Uri and later Gokudera, trapping them inside. Ryohei didn't move and stated that he had faith in his friend. Cappuccino ignored him and when he was ready to attack Ryohei, Gokudera used a box weapon that made Testa di Polpo explode. With that, Cappuccino's hair was also destroyed. As a result, Cappuccino was unable to fight anymore and fled.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Cappuccino With Testa di Polipo

Testa di Polipo

  • Testa di Polpo (Octopus Head) - Testa di Polipo can heal itself by using the Sun's Regeneration. It was mentioned by Cappuccino that it can heal itself no matter how many times you cut through it.
  • Poison Needles - Cappuccino can spit out Needles from his mouth.
  • Expanding Hair - Cappuccino can use its hair to expand more to battle its enemy. It seems that even hair that were cut off of him can be controlled.


  • He is named after cappuccino, the famous Italian coffee drink.
  • He is a filler character in Katekyo Hitman Reborn! series.
  • He first appeared in the episode titled The Enemy is Octopus Head, as Gokudera's nickname is Octopus Head, and Gokudera was going against Cappuccino's Box Weapon, Octopus Head.


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