Cambio Forma Version X (形態変化 (カンビオ フォーム, Kanbio Foruma; Italian and Japanese for "Form Change") is a mode exclusive to the Vongola Gear in which the Animal Box Weapons fuse with their owners. Each Cambio Forma bears the Roman Numeral "X" in some form. When the Cambio Forma Version X is activated, the user has a Vongola Crest behind them.

Leone di Cielo Version X Edit

Tsuna's Cambio Forma V.V.G

Tsuna's Cambio Forma: Version X

Mitena Di Vongola Primo Version X

Tsuna's Cambio Forma: Modo Attaco

Version Vongola Gear Natsu fuses with Tsuna and his Vongola Gear X-Gloves and turns into flame-patterned arm thrusters. These thrusters can be used to support the XX-Burner or emit Flames powerful enough to escape the gravity of a black hole.

Modo Attaco (Attack Mode: Vongola First's Gauntlet): Natsu fuses with Tsuna's right glove and turns into a gauntlet used by the first Vongola Boss.

Rondine di Pioggia Version X & Cane di Pioggia Version X Edit

Yamamoto's Cambio Forma Version VVG

Version Vongola Gear Yamamoto uses Asari Ugetsu's Four Irregular Swords Version Vongola Gear, he gains two katana swords, bracers on both of his arms and metal armored sandals. Yamamoto's clothing also changes to a more traditional Samurai garb outfit consisting of a Kamishimo and a Hakama. On both of his hips rest sheaths, presumably for his two swords.

Riccio di Nuvola Version X Edit

Hibari Vongola Gear

Version Vongola Gear Hibari's Uniform changes and it acts as a defensive barrier against Damage. The chains in Hibari's Tonfas are now able to extend due to cloud flames and can also release spikes, there is now also a blade that can extend from the bottom of his shoes, He can also release miniature handcuffs which can attach to his targets.

Gufo di Nebbia Version X Edit

Mukuro's Cambio Forma Version Vongola Gear

Version Vongola Gear Mukuro's trident turns into a khakkhara surrounded by rings of text. He also gains a coat that is similar to Daemon Spade's, he is able to use all 6 of his paths, and create illusions that can fool master Illusionists.

Leopardo di Tempesta Version X Edit

Gokudera Vongola Gear

Version Vongola Gear Rather than a bow, the Cambio Forma has now become many straps of dynamite while forming armor on his legs and one arm, and sunglasses which replace his contacts. Gokudera also gains a Pipe-Shaped Igniter which allows him to ignite his Dynamite with Storm Flames, increasing their power and speed.

Bovino di Fulmine Version X Edit

Chapter 312 Cover

Version Vongola Gear Rather than a shield, the Cambio Forma has now become a large pair of horns connected to some armour on the upper body, possessing four switches that change the shape of the horns depending on which switches are pushed. It also has a pair of boots. Gyuudon now merges directly with Lambo

Canguro del Sereno Version X Edit

Volume 32 Cover

Version Vongola Gear After being upgraded with the Vongola Gear, Knuckle's Maximum Break had also transformed, this time to suit Ryohei's needs. Kangaryuu now merges directly with Ryohei, without the need for the Sun Enhancement Shot. The three minute limiter previously placed on this weapon has also been removed. This version now has a Tenth Generation Vongola styled headband, gloves, boots and armor on the right shoulder. The Bangle also changes in this form, becoming a circular shaped plate with 10 pieces of metal jutting out.