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The CEDEF, short for Consulenza Esterna Della Famiglia meaning "External Advisors of the Family" in Italian, is a secret intelligence organization independent from the Vongola Famiglia. Its headquarters is disguised as an ordinary business's building.

History Edit

The CEDEF was founded by the first generation Vongola Cloud Guardian, Alaude. When Giotto, the Vongola Primo, bequeathed his title to Ricardo, he wanted to split the power in the Famiglia to have balance; thus, he commissioned Alaude to create CEDEF.

Members Edit


Known members of CEDEF.

The members of CEDEF are members of the Vongola Famiglia that remain outside the direct control of the main Famiglia. They hold very little power during times of peace; however, they become a very important part of the Famiglia during times of crisis because, at such times, the CEDEF leader becomes the Vongola Famiglia's second-in-command, and also merges with the main Vongola. The CEDEF can thus be considered the "second Vongola".

They also have as much voting power as the Vongola Boss when choosing the Famiglia's next Boss. If the Vongola Boss and the leader of the CEDEF disagree on who the heir will be (though Reborn mentions that it rarely happens), the CEDEF leader has the power to send his or her Half Vongola Rings to the candidate of their choosing and subsequently the candidate's Guardians. The next heir is chosen when the Half Vongola Rings are reunited into the Vongola Rings after a battle between the two Boss candidates.[1]

There are over 800 members of the CEDEF, though only a few are named. The known members of the CEDEF are:

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  • The known CEDEF members, excluding Alaude and Iemitsu, are named after herbs and spices.

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