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Buckle of the Storm Version X

Buckle of the Storm Version X

Title Buckle of the Storm Version X
Users Gokudera
Similar Weapons
Manga Debut Chapter 300

The Buckle of the Storm Version X (嵐のバックル バージョンイクス, Arashi no Bakkuru Bājon Ikusu) is the upgraded Vongola Storm Ring, made thanks to Talbot. The Buckle is a combination of the Storm Original Vongola Ring, Penalty, and the Vongola Box Ring, Uri. With Gokudera's firm resolve, the ring transformed from a rock into the buckle.
This buckle, as revealed by Talbot is made exclusively for the 10th Generation Vongola Family. It took the form of a buckle to best suit Gokudera's fighting style.
Upon release, Uri is summoned, in Cat Form although now appearing with a pair of sunglasses on his forehead, armoured paws and a belt around his waist (with small dynamite sticks). Upon Cambio Forma, this equipment enlargens, and takes its place around Gokudera.


  • The Buckle's method of using a seemingly limitless supply of homing bombs and using Uri as a living bomb, allowing Gokudera to be on the offensive constantly, is a symbol of the Vongola Storm Guardian's role, which is: "Continuously at the heart of the attack, the furious storm that never rests."

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