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Bucking Bronco Arrives!

Volume 4

Haneuma Kuru!
Volume Info
Japanese Release Date May 2, 2005
English Release Date July 3, 2007
Volume Number 04
Volume Guide
Faintly Arrives!
The Zoo

Bucking Bronco Arrives! (はねうま来る!, Haneuma Kuru!) is the 4th volume of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! manga by Akira Amano.



Dino, the current boss of the Chiavarone Famiglia, arrives in Japan to meet Tsuna and to reunite with his former tutor, Reborn. During his stay, his pet turtle, Enzo, incidentally turns into a giant several times, but since he loses his physical abilities when his subordinates are not present, he is always unable to help, though Reborn shoots Tsuna with the Dying Will Bullet to stop it each time. However, Tsuna is injured in the process and is checked into a hospital, where each of his friends cause a ruckus when they visit, annoying both the nurse and Hibari, who punished Tsuna for their actions. When Reborn later takes control of a class at Namimori, he ends up attacking the students who answer wrong.

Characters IntroducedEdit

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