Gender Male
Status Alive
Famiglia Chiavarone Famiglia
Manga Debut N/A
Anime Debut Episode 13

Character OutlineEdit

Brutus is an anime-exclusive Chiavarone Famiglia mafioso.


Brutus has flattened brown hair, small eyes, and a cleft chin. He has a tall, built frame and as a result has strong athletic skills.


Brutus seems to be very confident in his own abilities, as seen when he confidently told Yamamoto not to back out right before the beginning of the second round of the Vongola New Year's Ceremony, a game of a heavier form of badminton, battledore. He also appears to be very loyal to Dino, as do the rest of the Chiavarone Famiglia.

Plot OutlineEdit

Daily Life ArcEdit

Brutus appears during the Vongola New Year Ceremony, going up against Yamamoto in battledore. He has the advantage for most of the competition, but when he smashes for the third time at Yamamoto, Yamamoto hits it back. Brutus, however, dodges the attack and wins battledore, since Yamamoto's hit flew way out of bounds.


  • In the manga, Michael played featherball with Yamamoto in the Vongola New Year Ceremony. In the anime, Brutus played battledore with Yamamoto.

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