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Boycott Declared

165 Cover

Boikotto Sengen
Air Date December 26, 2009
Arc Choice Arc
Episode 165
Opening Song Funny Sunny Day
Ending Song Yume no Manyuaru
Episode Guide
Vongola Box, Training Begins
With the Same Heart

Boycott Declared (ボイコット宣言) is the 165th episode of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! anime series.


Kyoko and Haru confront Tsuna and company about what they heard. Tsuna hesitates to reveal everything to them, as he doesn't want the girls to get involved in their battle with the Millefiore and refuses to tell them anything. As a result, the girls start a boycott, refusing to do any housework until the boys tell them. Tsuna and his Guardians (sans Hibari) decide to discuss the matter. Yamamoto insinuated that the girls needed to know, but Ryohei strongly disagreed, stating that he wanted Kyoko to stay safe. Tsuna planned to split the housework among him and his Guardians, and continue their training. The guys struggle to do the housework as well as their training. After talking with Bianchi and noticing Chrome's training wounds, the girls reconsider their decision. Later, Tsuna is tricked by Bianchi into thinking Kyoko, who ran off in anger by being ignored, is in danger and rushes after her. Although Kyoko decides to end the boycott, Tsuna decides to tell her everything anyway, having realized how selfish they were being. After talking with Kyoko all about the Vongola, the mafia, and the Millefiore, she helps Tsuna figure out how his Vongola Box Weapon would open.



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