Bovino Famiglia

Chapter 7 Cover

Famiglia Name Bovino Famiglia
Literal Meaning Cattle
Allied Families Vongola Famiglia

The Bovino Famiglia is only seen through the action of sending packages to Tsunayoshi Sawada and Shoichi Irie. Lambo is the only Bovino mafioso to make an appearance. The Bovino Famiglia is known as a weak Famiglia but, as stated by Reborn, has a powerful firearm arsenal.

Known MembersEdit

Lambo once spoke of an "Aunt Ottavio"; presumably, Aunt Ottavio is also part of the Bovino Famiglia.

An unnamed delivery man who had been asked to deliver a package to Shoichi Irie's house by the Bovino Famiglia persumably is part of the family as well, as shown by his athletic ability to slide down a pole all the way down an apartment.

The Boss of the Bovino Famiglia has never been named or shown; however, Reborn claims that he was honored and cried tears of joy when he heard Lambo was being invited to be the Vongola Lightning Guardian.


  • Ten Year Bazooka - Allows the target to switch places with their future self from ten years in the Future for a total of five minutes. Though it is possible for repeated usages (a future self using the Bazooka to switch places with himself from further in the Future), the set time limit of five minutes does not extend, although it had once appeared as though this Bazooka was the key element in launching the story's protagonists into the Future Arc. Its time limit can be nullified through a machine similar to the White Round Time Machine .


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