The Bovino Famiglia is the Mafia family where Lambo previously came from. The Bovino Famiglia is known as a weak Famiglia but, as stated by Reborn, has a powerful firearm arsenal.

Plot Overview Edit

The Bovino Famiglia is only mentioned as the sender of the unknown packages to Tsunayoshi Sawada and Shoichi Irie.

Known Members Edit

  • Lambo
  • Lambo once spoke of an "Aunt Ottavio"; presumably, Aunt Ottavio is also part of the Bovino Famiglia.
  • An unnamed delivery man who had been asked to deliver a package to Shoichi Irie's house by the Bovino Famiglia persumably is part of the family as well, as shown by his athletic ability to slide down a pole all the way down an apartment.
  • The Boss of the Bovino Famiglia has never been named or shown; however, Reborn claims that he was honored and cried tears of joy when he heard Lambo was being invited to be the Vongola Lightning Guardian.

Inventions Edit

  • Ten Year Bazooka - allows the target to switch places with their future self from ten years in the Future for a total of five minutes.

Trivia Edit

  • Bovino means "bovine" or "cattle" in Italian.

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