Bouche Croquant
9th Mist Guardian
Title 9th Vongola Mist Guardian
Gender Male
Status Alive
Famiglia Vongola Famiglia
Team Vongola Nono & Guardians
Flame Mist
Manga Debut Chapter 289

Character OutlineEdit

Bouche Croquant is the 9th generation Mist Vongola Guardian.


Croquant differs from the other members of his Famiglia in that he is of a darker skin tone. His facial features include red hair that is braided and tied back. In contrast to his dark, braided hair, he has a light-colored ponytail that reaches his shoulder and a strip of same-colored hair hanging just above his eyebrows--which he seems to lack. He has a thin facial frame with high cheek bones. Lastly, he has several ear piercings on both his earlobes. Like the rest of his fellow Guardians, he wears a suit and tie.

Plot OverviewEdit

Inheritance Ceremony ArcEdit

Five days before the Inheritance Ceremony, Croquant, along with his fellow Guardians, reaches Japan via plane. He is also present with the other Guardians in a hotel having a discussion about the Inheritance Ceremony. During Tsuna's conversation with Timoteo concerning his decision on becoming the tenth boss of Vongola, Croquant interrupts to inform Tsuna that Gokudera was on the phone, wishing to speak to him.

He was present with the other guardians during the Inheritance Ceremony. When the ceremony was interrupted by an attack, he and the other 9th generation Guardians immediately formed a defensive circle around Timoteo and Tsuna. Later on, Croquant arrives just in time to save Ganauche III from projectiles of ice. He and the other 9th generation Guardians watch as Enma overwhelms Tsuna and his Guardians.

A few days later, Croquant and the other 9th Generation Guardians wait on Timoteo's ship for Tsuna's return from the Simon Famiglia's island of residence.

The Curse of the Rainbow ArcEdit

Bouche appeared alongside Talbot to carry the objects needed to relieve the Arcobaleno of their responsibility to their Pacifiers.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit


  • His name is a pun on Croquembouche, a famous French tower of cream puffs (or choux) that are carefully arranged and then covered in a variety of tasty things.


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