Biokilulu 2

Kanji Name ビオキルル
Title Belladonna Lily Officer
Gender Female
Status Alive
Famiglia Millefiore Famiglia
Team Belladonna Lily
Flame Storm
Seiyu Akiko Kimura

Character OutlineEdit

Biokilulu is a Millefiore Famiglia character that was introduced in Fate of Heat 2 and a member of Belladonna Lily, the Millefiore's Assassination Squad. She fights using chemicals to rain acid on her enemies. A faithful, obstinate scientist researching Box Weapons, her research led her to the discovery of Mechanical Beasts (an evolved form of the Box Weapons), and the fusion of those with trained soldiers to create powerful Half-Mechanical Beasts. One of the dialogues in the game featuring Squalo and Belphegor seems to hint that she was a former Varia officer that defected to the enemy.

Plot OverviewEdit

Fate of Heat 2Edit

During the events in Fate of Heat 2, she's the scientist responsible for the creation of the Mechanical Beasts that attacked Tsuna. After all of them are defeated, she turns herself and her allies into Half-Mechanical Beasts and fights Tsuna in the Vongola Hideout, which leads to her ultimate defeat.


  • She's the only female character known to have been in the Varia. However, she is not a canon character.
  • Since she has a Storm Flame, this presumably means that she was Belphegor's subordinate.


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