Bianchi vs Ape

Electric Hornet

Arc Future Arc
Location Future Namimori
Episodes 84
Bianchi Ape
Fight Guide
Kyoya Hibari vs. Gamma
Kyoya Hibari vs. Giaggiolo

Bianchi vs Ape is a filler battle only shown in the anime that occurs when a Millefiore Famiglia mafioso, Ape, attempts to find the Vongola base in order to earn himself of a promotion, a battle occurring with Bianchi in the process.


When I-Pin falls sick, Haru sneaks away and tries to find a doctor; however, Ape notices her and attacks her, demanding that she tell him the location of the Vongola hideout. Suddenly, Bianchi arrives to help.


After narrowly escaping Ape's Hornet, Bianchi and Haru lead Ape to a fake hideout. Bianchi tries to overcome Ape with Poison Cooking, but is cornered by countless Electricco Hornet's. Bianchi's Poison Cooking didn't work and tried using her box weapon, but failed and was hit with multiple electric shocks, rendering her unconscious. Just as Ape was about to attack Haru as well, Tsuna arrives at the nick of time and freezes all the Hornets with his Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised and knocks out Ape, ending the battle.


Tsuna, Haru, and Bianchi find a doctor for I-Pin and head back to the hideout, I-Pin successfully recovering as a result.

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