Beyond the Mist

Chapter 318 Cover

Kiri no mukō
Arc Inheritance Ceremony Arc
Chapter 318
Volume Dark Shadow Arrives!
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Enma's Anger
Dark Shadow

Beyond the Mist is the 318th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.

Synopsis Edit

Enma's Gauntlet Goes Out Of Control

Enma's Gauntlet Goes Out of Control

Enma prepares to kill Tsuna as Tsuna's allies watch in horror, but midway through the strike, Enma screams in pain as his gauntlet and flames go out of control. Enma releases Tsuna due to the pain and collapses on the ground. Gokudera and Reborn wonder what was going on with Enma until Adelheid notes that Enma's ring isn't fully awake yet, Julie, who was a short distance away curses the fact that this had to happen at that point.

Reborn then realizes that the battle between the two groups was meant to be done in steps, so as to give Enma 7 days to fully awaken. Enma still gasping in pain, asks Tsuna to return his sister, and asks how they could do such a thing. Adelheid lands next to Enma to support him, but gives Tsuna a vicious look, telling him that the next time they meet, she will be his opponent, and the battle of pride between the two will take place. Gokudera seems annoyed that Adelheid chose this of her own accord, but Julie just tells the Vongola that they have no idea what they were talking about. He tells them that after the awakening, Enma will be a lot stronger, and they just got their lives extended until then. He looks at Tsuna and bids him farewell, but thinks to himself that Tsuna was exactly like Giotto.

With the Simon Famiglia now gone, Gokudera appears before Tsuna, but Tsuna seemed to be in a daze. Reborn uses his usual method of tackling Tsuna by hitting him hard on the head, but Tsuna this time, did not respond and simply continued staring into nothingness. Reborn realizes that Tsuna had taken damage, but it wasn't physical.

Back at the Simon Base, Chrome continues her attempt at escape, but before she could get too far Julie opens the door and continues his usual flirtatious attitude with Chrome. He once again asks her to become his, to which Chrome again refuses. He asks her not to say such things, and tells her that he thinks that the two of them are starting to get along a lot better, at least a lot better than her and Mukuro Rokudo. Chrome seems stunned that Julie knew about Mukuro, but Julie knew a lot more than just Mukuro's name. Julie tells Chrome just how much he knew about Mukuro and her, he tells her that he knows that Chrome met with an accident some time ago, and at that point Mukuro had saved her by replacing the organs she lost with his Illusions. Julie continues his speech, and tells Chrome that he'll give her a bit of information about the island they were on, he tells her that the island has a special defense structure in place, meaning Mukuro's illusions won't reach her during her stay there. He asks Chrome whether she knows why her organs were still functioning, even without Mukuro's aid, he answers this question himself, he tells her that it was because he was the one who had made Chrome's organs in place of Mukuro.

Chrome Spits Out Blood

Chrome spits blood as her organs disappear

Chrome is astounded by this piece of information and accuses Julie of lying, but Julie assures her that what he said was true. He tells her that he too can use Illusions, but Chrome holds her stomach and tells Julie that he was lying, saying that the organs she had was from Mukuro. Julie just smiles and asks her whether she wants to test her theory, Chrome looks confused at this proposal, but Julie simply snaps his fingers, and immediately Chrome spits out blood and collapses to the ground, her organs that were keeping her alive now gone. Julie stands above her and tells her that if it wasn't for him, she would have died. He looks over her and asks her whether she knew why he, her enemy, would go this far to help her. He answers this by telling her that Chrome was important, but before he explains any further, he decides to replace the organs she had lost. Julie looks at Chrome and asks her if she see's him in a new light, and whether she wants to become his now, but Chrome refuses once again, crying as she did, and tells him that she doesn't need the organs he gave her.

Daemon Appears

Daemon Spade appears

Julie tells her that she'll die if he took away her organs, but Chrome's resolve was firm. Julie sighs and tells her that he'll tell Chrome a secret, one that he hasn't even told his allies in the Simon Famiglia. Julie then, quite bluntly, tells Chrome that it was him that had devised this war between the Vongola and Simon. Chrome looks shocked by what Julie had just said, but Julie continues. He tells her that he has two objectives, first was the annihilation of the Vongola, and the second was her. At this moment a mist covers Julie and his form begins to change, Chrome wonders if the person in front of her was another illusion, but before she could think any further the mist begins to clear, and a familiar pineapple style hairstyle can be seen, and now, slowly emerging from the Mist was the First Generation Guardian of the Mist Ring of the Vongola Family, Daemon Spade was still alive. Chrome is shocked that the first Generation guardian was before her, but Daemon continues. He tells her that he plans on using her to take over Mukuro.

Chrome Under Control

Chrome under Daemon's control

He asks Chrome to let him take over her, as he'd prefer if she'd submit of her own free will, but Chrome refuses, and Daemon simply laughs his sinister laugh and tells her that in that case he would have to punish her. Upon saying this Daemon's right eye begins to spin, and a Spade like shape appears in his eye as he tells Chrome that she will be his, Chrome tries to resist, but soon a spade shape takes its place in Chrome's eye, and Chrome, now having lost her free will, simply obeys to his order.


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