Bewitching Mist

186 Cover

Genwaku no Kiri
Air Date May 29, 2010
Arc Inheritance Succession Arc
Episode 186
Opening Song Listen to the Stereo
Ending Song Familia
Episode Guide
The Trap is Set
Memories of Betrayal

Bewitching Mist (幻惑の霧) is the 186th episode of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! anime series.


1st Generation Guardians (Excluding Demon)

The other Guardians watching the confrontation

Daemon Spade explains to Tsuna and the rest that he doesn't see them as the ideal candidates to carry on the tradition of the Vongola . He explains that he thinks that the Vongola should represent strength, and ruthlessness to match. He goes on to explain that he's taken the girls hostage in order to get the guardians to submit to his will, and become the type of people worthy to carry on the tradition of the Vongola.
Demon Clones vs Tsuna & Gokudera

Demon clones vs Gokudera & Tsuna

Watching all this were Giotto and his Guardians. They argue whether or not they should intervene, but Giotto is against helping them, saying that it is their trial, and for now that, they should just watch.

Demon Clones vs Ryohei

Daemon clones vs Ryohei

Tsuna and the rest agree to face Spade. Spade opens up a door to let them into the building, but once they entered, Spade made the entire building disappear to prevent any intervention.

As the gang makes their way to the theater, the floor opens up, and all of them are separated. Gokudera manages to stay with Tsuna, and Ryohei manages to stay with Lambo , but Yamamoto , however is alone. When the three sets begin to survey their surroundings, flames appear before all of them, and out comes clones of themselves. Spade begins to battle each of the Guardians to test their resolve and leaves openings in his attacks that you could only exploit if you cheated.
Ryohei, refusing to cheat, has the odds stacked against him, as Daemon has no qualms whatsoever about cheating. Daemon gave Ryohei a chance to win, but he would have had to hit Lambo with his Maximum Cannon in order to do so. Ryohei, predictably, stops, to which Daemon says that he's going to have to sacrifice Lambo in order to save his sister.

Demon Clone vs Yamamoto

Daemon clone vs Yamamoto

Yamamoto battles his clone, but is taken by surprise that the clone can also use Shigure Soen Ryu. They battle it out until Yamamoto manages to strike Daemon Spade, but he did so with the blunt side of his sword. Daemon immediately uses Last Minute Rain to once again get the upper hand. Daemon explain that a sword is meant to cut down its opponents, and the same could be said about its wielder. Yamamoto said that that's nothing more than being a monster, to which Daemon replied that Yamamoto will have to become a monster in order to defeat him.
Back with Gokudera and Tsuna, Tsuna is pummelled by the clone of himself, but is constantly protected by Gokudera. Daemon says that Tsuna isn't worth protecting and that it would be better off to get rid of Tsuna and find a new boss in order to strengthen the organization. Gokudera replies that he likes Tsuna the way he is. Daemon launches a barrage of attacks at him to which Tsuna finally goes into Hyper Dying Will Mode in order to join the fray.


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