Belladonna Lily
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Beladdona Lily Emblem
Kanji Title ベラドンナリリー
Romaji Title Beradonnarirī
Current Boss Bligganteth
Serving Under Millefiore Famiglia

Belladonna Lily is the Millefiore Famiglia's assasination squad. The group is introduced in the game Katekyō HItman Reborn! DS Fate of Heat II: Unmei no Futari.

History and Goals Edit

The Belladonna Lily is serving under the Millefiore Famiglia, the most powerful Mafia Family in the future. They are the assasination squad of the Family and also the 18th squad of the Family. Like the Varia, the Belladdona Lily is one of the elite assasination squads in Japan. Belladonna Lily's leader is Bligganteth and their goal is to protect the Family from enemies.

Uniform Edit

Belladonna Lily is a special squad in Millefiore, being them not to wear Black or White Spell's uniform. They are known also as the Red Spell, because of their group wearing a red uniform with a Belladonna Lily emblem on the right chest.

Members Edit

Belladonna Lily is an assasination squad, like the Varia, it is presumed to their group have plenty of members. The following are the known members of the group:

Bligganteth Edit



Bligganteth is the leader of the Belladonna Lily. Unlike most boss or leaders in the series, he does not possess a Sky Flame. His Flame is Storm, which has the characteristic of disintegration. Except for this, he also possess a mysterious black flame. This mysterious black flame has green-like color on it's lining and the color of the flame is similar to that of the Vendicare's Flame of Night. Bligganteth is able to fire and release this black flame using his bare hands. During the Merone Base Invasion and Genkishi is already defeated by Tsuna, Bligganteth fired plenty of Mechanical Beasts around the Namimori Town, in hope of defeat of Tsuna, but he failed. Because of being a failure, he faced Tsuna, together with his subordinates and became a half mechanical beast. But they are only stopped by Tsuna and his own brother, Solte.

Biokilulu Edit


Biokilulu is the only known female member of the Belladonna Lily. She fights using chemicals to rain acids on her enemies. She is also a faithful, obstinate scientist researching Box Weapons, like Verde, Innocenti, and Koenig. Her research of Box Weapons led to the discovery of Mechanical Beasts, an evolved forms of Box Weapons. It is also said that Biokilulu is a former member of the Varia. When all of her inventions are defeated, she turns herself and her allies into Half-Mechanical Beasts but she is defeated. She posseses a storm flame.


Devolt Edit


Devolt is a special member of the Belladonna Lily. He is a professional swordsman and uses two-bladed sickle as his weapon choice. Devolt also appeared at the 101 swordmen that battled Superbi Squalo. When Tsuna met him for the first time, it was actually Albito that is disguising as Devolt. But when the true Devolt appeared, he fought Tsuna but retreated back to the Belladonna Lily's base. When he returned, he turned himself into a Half-Mechanical Beast and stormed the Vongola Hideout but he was defeated by Tsuna. He posseses a Cloud Flame.


Former Member Edit

Solte Edit


Solte is the younger brother of Bligganteth, the boss of the Belladonna Lily. He is a ring craftsman that he is able to refine rings from rainbow colored stones or unknown stones. He is originally from Belladonna Lily but he deserted the group when he noticed the plans of his older brother. While he is escaping from the Belladonna Lily's base, he met Tsuna, who just time traveled from present to the future. From that day on, he served the Vongola in being a ring craftsman for the Family. He also fought alongside with the Vongola to put an end to his brother's plan. Unlike his brother, Solte posseses a Sky Flame. His weapon of choice is a gun.

Trivia Edit

  • Like all the Millefiore squads, the Belladonna Lily, which is the 18th Squad of Millefiore, is named after a plant, the Belladdona Lily, South African amaryllis. Because of this, the emblem of the squad has a flower with a wing.
  • It is unknown if they survived when the Merone Base teleported.
  • Some of the members again appearance in other games as a support character, like Bligganteth and Solte.

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