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Varia Arrives!

Volume 11

Variā Kuru!
Volume Info
Japanese Release Date August 4, 2006
English Release Date April 7, 2009
Volume Number 11
Volume Guide
Ring Arrives!
Hard Battle Arrives!

Varia Arrives! (ヴァリアー来る!, Variā Kuru!) is the 11th volume of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! manga by Akira Amano.



The Varia appear in Japan and attack Tsuna and his Guardians. They are stopped by Tsuna's father, Iemitsu, who tells the leader Xanxus that the owners of the Vongola Rings will be decided in a traditional battle, in which all members with the same type of ring fight against each other. The first fight is between the Sun Ring guardians, Ryohei and a man called Lussuria. Ryohei is seriously injured, but he is able to use all his power when Kyoko appears, allowing the Vongola to win the first fight. The next fight is between Leviathan and Lambo, who has no idea what is happening. Scared by the fight, Lambo uses his bazooka twice to become 20 years older. The future Lambo manages to overpower Leviathan, but when he returns to being an infant, he is almost killed. Tsuna interrupts the fight, unwilling to let him die.

Characters IntroducedEdit

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