Before the Battle

Target 93

Kessen Mae
Arc Varia Arc
Chapter 93
Volume Before the Showdown
Chapter Guide
Ryohei Sasagawa vs. Lussuria

Before the Battle is the 93rd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Tsuna wakes up, breathing a sigh of relief that the situation with Varia was just a dream, but Reborn points to the framed letter from the Ninth. Tsuna then has a flashback from yesterday. The Cervello jump in, announcing that they would serve as the judges. However, Iemitsu objects, stating that he has never heard of them before, but they respond that they only serve the Ninth, directly. They then announce that the first battle would be held at Namimori Junior High, then leave.

Tsuna expresses his nervousness, but Reborn simply tells Tsuna to go to school. On his way, Yamamoto joins him, stating that he was nervous, much to Tsuna's relief, but following up, saying that it was exciting. Then Gokudera arrives, greeting Tsuna and telling him that he was going to train in the mountains with paper airplanes, much to Yamamoto's amusement. The three then wonder who the Mist Guardian is.

Later, on the school roof, Dino and Hibari are shown bloody and bruised from their battle. As Tsuna walks into the classroom, Kyoko greets him, glad that his "cold" was better, and asking Tsuna how Ryohei was. Tsuna feels guilty, but Ryohei suddenly arrives, telling her that he was training for a "sumo competition". Afterwards, Ryohei explains why Kyoko is so frightened of him fighting. In the night, Tsuna arrives at Namimori just as the Cervello announce that the battle was to be between Ryohei and Lussuria.


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