BLUE - rivale

Blue Album Cover

Title BLUE - rivale
Release Date August 18, 2010

BLUE - rivale is a character song album release featuring eight songs sung by rival characters.

  1. End:Res - Rokudo Mukuro (Iida Toshinobu)
  2. FLAMING RAGE - Xanxus (Ikeda Masanori)
  3. BREAK OUT - Squalo (Takahashi Hiroki)
  4. Bloody Prince - Belphegor (Fujiwara Yuuki)
  5. Special Illusion - Flan (Kokuryu Sachi)
  6. PARADE - Byakuran (Ohyama Takanori)
  7. SIMULATION - Shoichi Irie & Spanner (Toshiyuki Toyonaga & Tsuda Kenjiro)
  8. Kyouki no Hana - Kikyo (Kato Kazuki)


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