Attack of Raging Waves

Target 103

Dotō no Seme
Arc Varia Arc
Chapter 103
Volume Prince Ripper!
Chapter Guide
Genius's Knife

Attack of Raging Waves is the 103rd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Belphegor grins insanely and crazily screeches that the blood isn't stopping. Mammon reveals that Belphegor killed his older twin brother, and that he imagines the blood to be his older twin brother's; thus, he cannot forget the exhilaration of killing, the same exhilaration he felt when he killed his brother. Belphegor attacks Gokudera, throwing his knives, but Gokudera dodges; however, Gokudera's face is injured somehow. Belphegor prepares to deal a killing blow, but Gokudera detonates a stick of dynamite to escape with the price of a few injuries.

Gokudera scrambles into the library, hiding and ready to attack Belphegor when he gets in. As the library is a dead end, Mammon comments that fighting Belphegor in a dead end is seeking death. Belphegor comes in and Gokudera attacks, throwing dynamite. Belphegor throws knives in response. Gokudera dodges every one but is still cut.

Suddenly, Gokudera stands still and it is revealed that he is actually immobilized due to the razor-sharp wires attached to each knife. Gokudera, however, uses his gunpowder to destroy the library shelves around him, stating that loose wires couldn't cut. Gokudera then attaches his dynamites onto the wire and unleashes it towards Belphegor, declaring that this was the Storm Guardian's attack of raging waves.


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