Assault from the Darkness

377 Cover

Yami Kara no Kōgeki
Arc The Curse of the Rainbow Arc
Chapter 377
Volume The Eighth Baby Arrives!
Chapter Guide
A New Force
Surprise Attack

Assault from the Darkness is the 377th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Checker Face wishes the teams luck in the upcoming battle, stating that he hoped for good fights between them. Colonnello and Reborn both acknowledge the danger of Bermuda von Veckenschtein. Tsuna worriedly asks about Team Skull's condition, but Iemitsu reassures him that Basil had called an ambulance for them straightaway and that they were in Namimori Hospital. Tsuna, Gokudera, and Yamamoto all opt to go the hospital to check on them. Suddenly, however, Yuni arrives. Reborn asks Yuni if Byakuran and the others were all right, to which she responded that Shoichi and Daisy were tending to their wounds with their Sun Flame's Activation characteristic. Reborn asks Yuni if she foretold the current situation, the latter replying in the positive. Yuni explains that she had known about Bermuda and his anger towards the Arcobaleno, but didn't understand what the anger signified.

Colonnello asks Yuni if she could fortel any more of the future, but Yuni responds that she only saw Checker Face's face, and that each time she saw it, her heart hurt as if it was being gouged out. Reborn, however, hands Yuni a handkerchief and tells her not to worry too much, stating that he didn't like seeing her like that. Yuni tearfully thanks Reborn.

Later, Tsuna and his representative members rush in the hospital room, greeting Basil. Tsuna questions Team Skull's condition, but Basil reassures him that they had many wounds, but they would all heal completely in time. Gokudera asks Basil if he was close by, and Basil replies that he was but he was paralyzed with fear. Yamamoto reassures Basil, stating that anyone would be like that against the Vindice. Suddenly, Kyoko arrives and greets them, causing Tsuna to question her presence. Kyoko explains that Chrome wasn't at school that day, and that she found Chrome feeling unwell in her apartment and took her to the hospital for a checkup. Kyoko then reveals that the analysis stated that her internal organs were gone. Tsuna recalls that that once happened in the future. Kyoko tells Tsuna that despite her grave condition, Chrome seemed to want to talk to him, always calling out for "Boss." Tsuna rushes in Chrome's room and sees that she was really worn out. Tsuna apologizes for not acting upon her absence even though he noticed it, but Chrome ignores this and requests to Tsuna that she be placed on Team Reborn. Tsuna tries to refuse, but Chrome pleads with him; in spite of that, Tsuna still refuses.

Later in Yamamoto's dad's sushi shop, Gokudera and Yamamoto commend Tsuna on his decision, stating that Reborn would have done the same. Gokudera wonders where Reborn was, to which Tsuna answers that he was apparently meeting with the other Arcobaleno to discuss Bermuda. Suddenly, however, everyone notices an ominous Flame.

At home, Iemitsu euphorically greets Nana and offers to scrub her back, but Nana declines, stating that I-Pin would wash it for her. Suddenly, Iemitsu, along with Basil and Lal Mirch, all notice the ominous Flame. Iemitsu tells them to keep their guards up.

Meanwhile in Team Mammon's hotel, Squalo states that he hoped that no one noticed that the hotel roof had been blown off. Lussuria reassures them that their 10-person illusion team was dealing with it. Belphegor notices that Mammon was really late, when suddenly the Eighth Element Flame emerges.

At Kokuyo Land, the Eighth Element Flame emerges as well and attack Mukuro with the intent to kill. All teams then notice that the ominous presence was the Vindice, preparing to fight against them.


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