Armamento da Guerra

Genkishi Weilding Armatura

Title Armamento da Guerra
Weapon Sword, Armor and Ring
Abilities Creates Illusions of the enemies' loved ones
Users Genkishi
Manga Debut Chapter 213
Anime Debut Episode 133

The Armamento da Guerra (lit. Weaponry of War) is a set of mist-attribute weapons that is used by Genkishi. However, when used too much, the Hell Ring will will take over the mind of the user, who will then take the form of a skeletal Knight. Illusions of the opponent's loved ones can then be expelled from the Knight's mouth who then are forced to follow the user's will.


  • Ossa Impressione Hell Ring: Genkishi uses the "War Potential Doubling", to make the Weaponry of War take a monstrous aspect and he himself becomes a giant skeleton. However, when used too much, the Ring will take over the user's mind.
  • Spettrale Spada (Spectral Sword): The illusion sword can create multiple copies of itself as well as mist flames, to be used as countless projectiles. It is said to be the strongest mist-attribute sword Koenig designed.
  • Nebbia Numero Due (Mist Number Two): The Nebbia Numero Due's technical specifications include solidness for use in close-combat, but is also light-weight and easy to move around.

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