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Arcobaleno Pacifiers

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The Arcobaleno Pacifiers are a set of Pacifiers similar to the Vongola and Mare Rings; its Pacifiers' colors are made up the seven colors of the rainbow. They are held by the Arcobaleno. They are the first of the Tri-ni-set to be seen in the Reborn! series. These Pacifiers, along with the Vongola Rings and the Mare Rings, make up the Tri-ni-set (7³), three sets of extremely powerful Rings that are said to have created the world. Like the Vongola Rings and the Mare Rings, the Pacifiers have their own special ability.

Sky AbilityEdit

The Sky Pacifier has the ability to see into the future. This ability has been demonstrated by Luce, Aria and Yuni. The other power is the ability to reconstruct their fellow Arcobaleno if they die; however, this ability requires them to draw power from their Life Flame, which would kill them in the process.

Clear PacifierEdit

Bermuda's Pacifier

The Clear Pacifier

The Clear Pacifier is an Arcobaleno Pacifier that is possessed by the former strongest Arcobaleno, Bermuda von Veckenschtein.

This Pacifier was also the Sixth Key that the Vindice gave out, which held the memories of Giotto and Cozarto Simon.

The existence of this pacifier was unknown to even Reborn, who is an expert on the Mafia world. Upon seeing this Pacifier, Reborn was visibly frustrated when the Vindice would not tell him how they came to possess it.

Before the current Arcobaleno became babies, Checker Face was shown to be in possession of the Clear Pacifier.

Later it was revealed that Bermuda's Clear Pacifier was created when he opposed Checker Face, causing Checker Face to suck the Flame from the Pacifier. To keep himself alive, he filled the Pacifier with the "power that surpassed human existence," the Flame of the Night.

Stone PacifiersEdit

Stonelike Pacifier

The Stone Pacifier

The Stone Pacifiers are possessed by the Vindice, who were once Arcobaleno. Through "The Fated Day" or "the Representative Battle," the pacifiers are transferred from the previous to the new generation of Arcobaleno. Most Arcobaleno either die from the removal of the Pacifier or if they're lucky, they'll survive and live a cursed life by becoming a Vindice.


  • Once a Pacifier is placed on the 7³ or forcefully taken, it loses its color.
  • Colonnello took Lal Mirch's place as the Rain Arcobaleno, causing Lal Mirch to become an incomplete Arcobaleno and the holder of a corrupt Pacifier.
  • The Pacifier will glow if another Arcobaleno is near the holder; however, this can be suppressed by Mammon Chains, one of the Mist Arcobaleno Viper's inventions.
  • When the Arcobaleno start to revive with the Sky Pacifier's life Flame, their Pacifiers take on hints of their appearance.


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