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Another Sky

140 Cover

Mō Hitotsu no Ōzora
Air Date July 4, 2009
Arc Future Arc
Episode 140
Opening Song Easy Go
Ending Song Aoi Yume
Episode Guide
Furious Roar

Another Sky (もう一つの大空) is the 140th episode of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! anime series.


Xanxus returns Besta to his box, warning Sil that when he releases Besta, he will be finished. Xanxus demands Sil to call Byakuran. Sil refuses and attacks Xanxus with his Storm Bats. Xanxus releases Besta and kills Sil. Tsuna and the others receive news that the battle in Italy was successful. At that moment, past Ryohei arrives. Shoichi opens up the White Capsule containing the ten years later version of Tsuna and his Guardians and gives Tsuna the Vongola Box from his future self.



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