An Impossible Event

An Impossible Event

Arienai Koto
Arc Future Arc
Chapter 221
Volume The Varia of Ten Years Later Arrives!
Chapter Guide
We are Varia!
Belphegor and Rasiel

An Impossible Event is the 221st chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Squalo tells his troops that their goal is to draw out Byakuran by killing off the rest of the Six Funeral Wreaths. Bel gets mad at Flan for bending his knives and brings out his Storm Mink Box Weapon. He lauches Mink at Flan, but Flan ducks and Mink hits a few Millefiore soldiers that were behind him, which is what Bel wanted to happen. Mink shoots out a Storm Flame Wave and wipes out the rest of the ambush squad as Flan and Bel watch. Flan praises Bel for his strategy but also points out that the Storm Flames are hazardous to the environment.

In Melone Base, the injured begin getting tended to. Gokudera wants to punch Shoichi, but Hibari wants to bite Irie to death first. Reborn asks Shoichi what Byakuran's true power was, Shoichi says that Byakuran can only use his power in certain circumstances and that the unbelievable things that happened in their era gave birth to Byakuran's power. Back in Italy, a Rain Pelican is seen closing its beak after making a shield, with a man following close behind. He reveals himself to be Olgert, Bel's family's former butler. Behind Olgert is someone on a throne that was supposed to be dead, someone who confused Flan, and the one that Olgert believed was the real prince: Bel's older twin brother, Rasiel.


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