Kanji Name アレハンドロ
Romaji Name Arehandoro
  • Team Bermuda member
  • Vindice member
Gender Male
Status Alive
Weapons Ginger Bread
Flame Flame of Night
Manga Debut Chapter 392

Character OutlineEdit

Alejandro is a Vindice that is a member of Team Bermuda that was one of the earliest Vindice, alongside Bermuda von Veckenschtein. He owns the Ginger Bread dolls, dolls said to appear when the destruction of a Famiglia was imminent, who in actuality appeared to destroy the Famiglia themselves.


Alejandro is a loyal Vindice who fanatically carries out Bermuda's orders to the very letter. Like all other Vindice, he is confident and ruthless in battle and has huge hatred for Checker Face.


Like many other Vindice, Alejandro's true form is that of an emaciated, rotting zombie-like corpse. He has bandages wrapped in miscellaneous areas around his body, and has long, pale hair.

Plot OverviewEdit

The Curse of the Rainbow ArcEdit

Alejandro obeys Bermuda's orders and separates from the main Team Bermuda to attack Team Mammon, but is shocked to discover the use of the Alliance Team's Decoy Puppet.

Tsuna, Enma, and Basil reveal themselves and battle Alejandro. Alejandro is pushed into a corner by the three powerful Hyper Dying Will Mode users, and reveals his Ginger Bread dolls, disclosing their history as the destroyers of Mafia Famiglias, although they were interpreted as being an omen of the upcoming destruction. However, the dolls are easily destroyed by the trio and Tsuna rushes in, quickly crushing Alejandro's Rainbow Wristwatch and moving on with Enma and Basil to combat other Team Bermuda members.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

  • Ginger Bread: Alejandro is a puppeteer that fights by manipulating the Ginger Bread dolls. These dolls can talk and produce Sun Flames; they are realistic enough that some believe the dolls to be actual humans.
  • Warp Hole: As a Vindice, Alejandro can use his Flame of Night to create portals and teleport via said portals.


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Weapons: Flame of Night | Vindice Chains | Arcobaleno Pacifiers | Rings
Locations: Vendicare Prison

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