A No-Good Combination

Chapter 339 Cover

Dame dame konbi
Arc Inheritance Ceremony Arc
Chapter 339
Volume Daemon Reborn Arrives!
Chapter Guide
Kyouya Hibari vs Daemon Spade
Enma's Decision

A No-Good Combination is the 339th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


Tsuna and Enma prepare to fight Daemon Spade. Daemon tries to get them to fight, insisting that Iemitsu Sawada killed Enma's family. However, Enma refuses to believe him, saying that whether Tsuna's father killed his family, he trusts Tsuna and would never betray him again. Hearing this, Daemon decides to reveal the incident known as the Flood of Blood.

Seven years previously, several houses of the bosses of families connected to Vongola have been shot by bullets, prompting the CEDEF, headed by Iemitsu Sawada, to investigate. The CEDEF's investigation lead them to an old art dealer named Makoto Kozato, Enma's father. The CEDEF decided to investigate him but as soon as they started, twelve of Iemitsu's subordinates were crushed and slaughtered by a hotel elevator whose blood gave the name to the event. After investigating the scene, Makoto Kozato's bullets were recovered and later that night, Makoto, his wife and their daughter were slaughtered at their home. However, Iemitsu denied any involvement to the event and the Ninth declared that the incident is to be left unsolved without investigating it.

Enma refuses to believe a word that Daemon said. However, Daemon reminds him that he was found on the scene, on the verge of losing consciousness. Daemon then reveals that he was the one who attacked Enma's family, disguising himself as Iemitsu, and also that he was the shot the bosses' houses and the one who killed Iemitsu's subordinates, in order to weed out the weak Simon from Vongola's inner circle. The group expresses their anger but Daemon ignores them, saying that they should be honored to be the manure that will fertilize the growth of the new Vongola.

Tsuna and Enma are enraged by this and charges at the same time, only to be stopped by Daemon's replicate of the Rain Vongola Gear. Daemon then uses a D Wave Slash but the two easily dodge it. Daemon then releases an army of Blizzardroids. By using his Gravita de Terra, Enma sucks up the army but Daemon belittles his abilities. Enma then gives Tsuna a look, and Tsuna activates his Cambio Forma Version X. Using his arm thrusters for support, Tsuna unleashes his new X-Cannon attack. Daemon evades the attack, but Enma maneuvers the spheres around, changing the X Cannon blasts' trajectories. The blasts hone in on Daemon and strike him with great force, causing Reborn to comment that the two are no longer the No Good Duo, but instead the Hyper Duo...


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