Ōgi: Shiken

Hibari vs Genkishi

Users Genkishi
Manga Debut Chapter 204
Anime Debut Episode 127

Ōgi: Shiken (lit. Secret Art: Four Swords) is a sword technique where Genkishi can use four Swords at once, holding two in his hands and two with his feet. By attacking with four swords at once it makes it extremely hard for the enemy to dodge all of them simultaneously and avoid getting injured. If the enemy blocks the swords in his hands Genkishi can use the swords in his feet and if the enemy blocks the swords in his feet he can attack with those in his hands.

The cutting power of this technique can also be increased through the use of Mist Flames. Even though Mist Flames are not very strong if Genkishi concentrates his flames to single point he can make a flame strong enough to cut steel as seen in his fight with future Hibari.

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