Chapter 258 Cover

Arc Future Final Battle Arc
Chapter 258
Volume Yuni Arrives!
Chapter Guide
Uncle Kawahira

"Escape" is the 258th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


Zakuro has broken into the Vongola base, calling for Yuni. Squalo deflects Zakuro's attacks on Tsuna's Family and stays behind to allow them to escape and find a place to hide Yuni. Though Shoichi points out that all of their houses are being watched and that Namimori Hospital no longer exists, Haru reveals a "secret hideout home" shown to her by her friend in the past, a realtor. Squalo continues to hold off Zakuro, losing his Artificial Arm Sword in the process, while Haru leads the group to "Kawahira", the name of the realtor, a name which Tsuna recognizes. However, when they arrive, they find a mysterious man instead of the old woman Haru mentioned, the former explaining that the old woman who owned the place died three years ago. He tells them to enter, calmly stating that he would take care of the Six Funeral Wreaths for them, much to Tsuna's shock at his knowledge of the elite Millefiore group. Kawahira then orders them to enter.


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